TRS putting pressure on TD, Congress leaders to quit

Telangana protagonists are using different tactics to pressure Congress and Telugu Desam leaders to quit their MP and MLA posts if the Centre fails to carve out Telangana soon.

They have been targeting senior Telangana Congress leaders including Mr Gutta Sukender Reddy, Mr Madhu Yakshi, and Mr Jana Reddy among others and showing them in poor light in Karimnagar and other places.

In Nizambad and other places, T-activists have held mock funerals of Congress leaders such as Mr Yakshi demanding their immediate resignation from parliamentary seats.

They are also planning to launch a postcard campaign and lodge complaints about ‘missing leaders’ to ridicule them.

Ever since the Sri Krishna committee report was made public, the senior Congress leaders, particularly those who had vociferously demanded Telangana and vowed to quit are keeping a low profile on the diktats of the party high command.

The situation has come to such a pass that Congress Ministers, MPs and MLAs are unable to undertake tours of their constituencies fearing angry protests. Even those who dare to visit their constituencies are doing it with police security.

Not only that, T-agitators are also making life miserable for the families of Congress and TD leaders by staging dharnas in front of their houses, especially in rural areas.

Justifying the tactics, Prof M. Kodandaram, chairman of the Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) said the agitators would bring every kind of pressure on all ruling Telangana Congress MPs and MLAs to make them quit their seats.

“They will face the ire of Telangana people if they delay it further. We will intensify the agitation with a mass rasta roko soon.”

Mr T. Harish Rao, TRS MLA, also reminded Congress MPs and MLAs of their promise to quit if Telangana was not achieved.


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