More Troubles for Tamil Bigg Boss Show

The most controversial show Bigg Boss has expanded its market in India mainly in the Southern region after conquering Hindi zone. Now its first Southern regional branch Tamil is in neck deep problems.

Troubles for Tamil Bigg Boss Show
Troubles for Tamil Bigg Boss Show

Hiring the Universal Hero Kamal Haasan as the host, this show was planned with some controversial Tamil stars and celebrities. Not less than one week from the day it was aired, it was declared as a flop show. It failed to impress the Tamil viewers and got dull TRP ratings. Many Tamil Hindu organizations have raised their objections on this show for its controversial and sensitive content. Now the most powerful Hindu Makkal Katti organization has filed a petition on this show. They demand the court to arrest the host Kamal Haasan, the participants and the organizers to stop this show at any cost.

Already the show is getting a poor response from the audiences. This type of protests and cases can only make this show to go from bad to the worse condition in Tamil Nadu.

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