Trisha’s Marriage Cancellation Makes Another Heroine Happy?

Trisha marriage cancelled
Trisha and Varun Selfie

Telugu actress Trisha had one too many reasons to be happy when she got engaged to Varun Manian and the next thing that everyone expected was the couple to get married. But, exactly the opposite happened and Trisha might have faced the wedding dreads. However, even though Trisha might not be happy about this, there is another Kollywood actress who is jumping with joy hearing this news.

Why? The actress has had her eyes on the confident businessman Varun for a long time, sources revealed. Eventually, this Kollywood doll had been depressed over the wedding news but now she has all the reasons to celebrate since the wedding has been called off.

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Oh, did I forget to mention who this actress is? It’s Lakshmi Rai!

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