After Trisha, its the turn of Priyamani!

Trisha and Priyamani

Trisha Krishna is an actress who is known for her selfie culture. She used to post several pics in the past with different expressions and with different co-stars. Now, it is the turn of Priyamani to go for the same.

As per the reports, Priyamani is now shivering microblogging sites with series of pics. Most of them are selfies with different expressions. Fans of Priyamani are now enjoying these pics and of course few of them mentioned that few pics are looking scary.

In the past, Shruthi Hassan to came up with series of selfies and looks like the heroines are all getting affected to the selfie culture. Interestingly, very few heroes are coming up with selfies and hence this culture turned out to be a girly one!

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