Trisha sensational comments about her love-affair with Rana

Gossipmongers’ favorite girl, Trisha has finally let out her version on her alleged love saga with Rana Daggubati. She is always linked with Rana and their alleged love-hate relation has been is one of the most talked about affairs in the t-town.

Trisha and Rana Affair
Trisha and Rana Affair

However, Trisha claims that there is nothing as such between her and Rana. The actress puts it straight that she is very much single. “Like any other co-star, Rana is also a good friend and there is no special interest. I don’t understand why my conversations with Rana on twitter will make it to the tabloids. I talk to many heroes”, Trisha wondered.

Recently, it was a major topic on social networking sites when Suchi posted a kissing post of the ex-lovebirds.

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