‘Trisha-Prabhas-Anushka’ Triangular Love?

The element of love and relationship is so volatile in the film circuit and sometimes the same tends to happen with friendship too. This seems to be the case with the current equation between the petite beauty Trisha and the young rebel star Prabhas.

It is heard that Trisha and Prabhas were quite thick friends and so much so that it is heard that Trisha used to make it a point to frequent Hyderabad just to meet Prabhas. But lately, all that has fizzled down as it is heard that Prabhas has found a new interest in the hot beauty Anushka.

This is said to have made Prabhas kept Trisha a bit away but then the pretty starlet has been quite okay with it since she has her own big circle of friends in Chennai. What many film folk are curious to know is what has been Anushka’s stand towards Prabhas or Trisha for that matter.

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