Trisha is not a pleasure to work with?

Trisha Krishnan, the elegant beauty with her cutesy features, is not a pleasure to work with? Well, maybe she is and maybe she isn’t. But Vijay Sethupathi denies having said that she is!


The whole thing looks like a misunderstanding. Recently rumours surfaced that Vijay had said in his Facebook page that Trisha is a pleasure to work with and that he is “looking forward to working with her.”

Sounds like an innocent enough statement, yes?

But the Soodhu Kavvum actor has come forth stating outright that the whole thing is false and he never said those words. Why? Because he doesn’t have any social media accounts, it seems!

So it is less about Trisha and more about statements being made in his name that the actor is worried about. He clarified that he has not signed up to do any film with the actress either.

Ever since making it big in the industry, and earning the respect of the fans with a string of successful films the actor is very concerned about what the public perceives him to be. It was quite recently that another incident of this type happened, which caused the actor to become vocal in his protests.

A Kannada movie he had played a minor role in a few years back, named Akhaada, was being dubbed in to Tamil as Edakku. But the movie’s producers made the decision to market the flick as a ‘Vijay Sethupathi film’ now that he had a fan following in Tamil Nadu.

Vijay said the producers were trying to cheat the public as he was just a minor character in the film and he did not even dub for the movie.

So, a cautious and very straightforward man he is…

Vijay Sethupathi is currently busy with multiple projects like SP Jananathan’s Purampokku in which he stars along with Arya, Biju Viswanath’s Orange Mittai and Vasantha Kumaran by Anand Kumaresan among others.

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