Why Trisha Deleted Her Twitter Account

The life of Celebrities is very hard sometimes. Each and every word utter by them leads to controversy in many ways. Trisha is an example of such thing. Her recent support for animals made her a crucial decision in her personal life.

Trisha Not Against Jallikattu
Trisha Not Against Jallikattu

We knew that Trisha is an animal lover and a volunteer supporter of PETA, an animal welfare association. She has been a brand ambassador for that for some years. Recently, she voiced out her opinion that torturing animals are bad. But to everyone’s surprise, her fans viewed some tweets from her official Twitter account regarding the ban of ‘Jallikattu’ as torturing animals are sadistic. Within minutes, hatred tweets and unethical reactions are flooded her inbox. Finally, she deleted her Twitter account with frustration.

She has lodged a complaint in police station along with her mother under cyber crime. She claims that though she is an animal lover, she was not anti to Tamil culture which has been followed for centuries. She declared that her account was hacked by idiots and made some tweets anti to Jallikattu. Whatever may be the reason, she deleted her Twitter without her mistake.

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