Trisha Cheated by her Manager?

Talented Chennai actress Trisha Krishnan has been around the film industry for over 13 years, but she still couldn’t figure out while her manager was cheating her.

Trisha Cheated by her manager
Trisha Cheated by her manager

Trisha’s latest release, ‘Nayaki’, a horror film, was actually produced by Trisha’s manager. Trisha signed the film despite the lackluster story as she was convinced by her manager with his beguiling words. When Trisha demanded the theatrical rights of Tamil Nadu as her remuneration, he handed her the rights of Telugu states claiming this deal will be more lucrative for her.

After the release, the film performed below average in Tamil Nadu while it was an outright disaster in the Telugu states. Her manager survived with minor losses, but it was a heavy blow to Trisha both financially and career wise.

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