Trisha, Badani slug it out at nightclub

Wednesday might have seemed like any other ordinary day, had it not been for the explosive fight that broke out between actress Trisha and cricketer Hemang Badani at a popular night club in the city. According to sources present on the scene, trouble started when the cricketer, who was partying hard, ‘bumped’ into Trisha. The actress, who was present with her friends at the venue, apparently was not in a mood to forgive the cricketer, who, for his part, claimed that he had brushed against her by accident.


Trisha reportedly called Badani a no-good cricketer and hurled a few obnoxious abuses. An infuriated Badani returned the gesture with equally obscene expletives and derogatory name calling. After this, their fight degenerated into a physical one, involving fisticuffs and blows. Sources claim that both the celebrities had to be separated by friends present at the venue and were last seen leaving the venue in a huff.

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