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Tripura Movie Review: With the success of Prema Katha Chitram, Horror Comedy genre is introduced in Telugu. Everyone is trying their luck in that genre. One such a movie in that genre is Naveen Chandra and Swathi Reddy starrer Tripura. Director Raja Kiran, who earlier impressed audience big time with his directorial debut Geethanjali starring Anjali and Sreenivasa Reddy, is now back with Tripura. Let’s see how it works on audience.

Swathi and Naveen Chandra in Tripura
Swathi and Naveen Chandra in Tripura


Tripura (Swathi) is a village girl whose dreams always come true. Everyone in her village comes to her house in the morning and knows her dreams about them. Due to this, his father Sivannarayana (Sivannarayana) is not able o fix her marriage. Her Irritated father takes her to a big hospital in Hyderabad, where Dr. Naveen (Naveen Chandra) works. She meets Dr. Naveen falls for him. They both gets married with the consent of parents and starts living happily. A girl named Eesha (Pooja) is missing and her finding case runs parallel. Her missing case is being investigated by Dr. Naveen’s friend who is a Circle Inspector and he questions Dr. Naveen about her case. After the marriage Tripura gets a weird dream about her husband Naveen. They both move into their farm house as they want it to get sold at any cost with the recommendation of a house broker and things start changing from then. What is that dream of Tripura about Dr. Naveen that is scaring her? Who is Eesha? What is the reason of her missing? What is her relation with Dr. Naveen? Forms rest of the story.

Cast Performance:

Swathi Reddy as Tripura in a village girl and a house wife role steals the show. She looks as if she has gained some weight. Naveen Chandra as Dr. Naveen is good. Pooja as Eesha performs nice. Sapthagiri, Shakalaka Shankar, Jayaprakash Reddy done to their extent, but their performance goes waste as the comedy track is ineffective. The One who did as Circle Inspector did a very nice job. Sriman, who impressed audience in Kanchana, done a good job as a house broker. Rao Ramesh, Sivannarayana and others justified their roles.

Tripura Movie Wallposter
Tripura Movie Wallposter

Writing Department:

The basic story of Tripura is good but the screenplay by Kona Venkat and Veligonda Sreenivas makes it a bad dream. Dialogues written by Raja are not so impressive, but lines written for Sapthagiri are good. Raj Kiran, who delivered a huge success with his directorial debut, falls flat this time. He fails in handling comedy scenes and suspense. Elements that worked in favor of him in Geethanjali, ditched him this time. However, the emotions in scenes towards climax got diluted and movie ends suddenly. Logics go for toss in the film. Treating an interesting concept in a routine way is a big minus for Tripura.

Technical Departments:

Yegirene Manasulu and Yelelo songs composed by Kamran Ahmed are good. But song (Ninu Chudakunda) in the second half is ineffective on screen and acts as a speed breaker. Background music is okay. Cinematography is good. Editing is bad and has lot more to edit. Production values are good. As the movie is made on a very low budget, the movie looks rich for its budget.


Two Songs by Kamran


Story Screenplay
Ineffective Comedy Scenes.


First half of the film is just okay. It is entertaining in bits and pieces and ends in not so impressive note. Second half takes off at a snail pace, with zero entertainment. Movie ends abruptly and reason behind Tripura’s dreams are clarified in the end during the end titles. This film is hardly enjoyable. Audience has huge expectations on Tripura as it is coming after Geethanjali. Watch it only if you don’t care for your time and money!!

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