Trendsetting heroine in Tollywood

In Tollywood, RGV is known to be the trendsetting director. With “Shiva”, RGV created a new trend in the film industry. In the recent times, RGV came up with series of low budgeted flicks which is considered to be another trend. In heroes, Pawan Kalyan is always there as trendsetter.


In case of heroines, Tapsee is now holding trendsetter status. This beauty enjoyed the best career span and she is still on demand. She acted with all the young heroes in Tollywood and is waiting for the chance to act beside big shots of the film industry. At present, Tapsee is tagged to the trendsetting status in case of accepting the most risky roles.

It is known that Tapsee is a tom boy in her college days and she is interested to take risk to the peak. Now, Tapsee is doing the same in Tollywood. As per the details, Tapsee is accepting all the challenging roles in Tollywood and in future, she may turn into a top actress with these roles. If she fails, she may not be seen anywhere in Tollywood again!

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