Trapped Hindi Movie Review

Rating: 3.5/5

Critic Rating: (3.5/5)

Bollywood is always first in producing some experimental and different kind films. In the same manner, we now have the film Trapped this weekend which released with a lot of expectations. The film Trapped is a Hindi film directed by Vikramaditya Motwane. The film, a survival thriller, stars Rajkummar Rao. The majority of the movie happens in an apartment of Mumbai. The film had its world premiere at the Mumbai Film Festival on October 26, 2016. The film finally released today and check out our review of this much-anticipated movie.


A still from Trapped
A still from Trapped

The story of the film is very simple. Shaurya (Raj Kumar Rao) is an employee who gets stuck in an empty apartment located in Mumbai. Shaurya apparently has to survive without food, water, and electricity. The film is about how he successfully escapes from the dreadful situation and gets back to his normal living.

Cast & Performances:

The majority of the film revolves around Raj Kumar Rao, and there is a less part for the female lead played by Geetanjali Thapa. It’s a complete one man show by Raj Kumar Rao. Driving this film entirely on his shoulders is one of the best things we witness on the big screen. Raj Kumar Rao proves the fact that he is a terrific under-rated actor. His ability in playing this character is remarkably astounding. Raj Kumar Rao did his best to engage the audiences and make them involved in the film which worked out. Geetanjali Thapa who was seen in few scenes is good looking and did justice for her limited role.

Writing Department:

Brilliant writing underwent for this movie. A lot of scope for writing is present, and the writer cleverly came up with some vigorous and gripping scenes which will entertain us entirely.

Technical Aspects:

The cinematography by Siddarth Diwan is impressive. With his camera, he has tried showing every minute details of the movie. His camera work is a major highlight of the film. The editing is excellent, and there are no major complaints about the editor’s work. The background score of the movie is good. There are too many good things about the film, and the music is one such aspect. The sound designing is fantastic. The graphics and VFX work is good. Technically, the film is super strong.


The film comes to us with a predictable plot, but still, the gut factor of the makers should be appreciated. The entire success of the movie lies in its screenplay and the performance of the lead actor. Both the aspects are excellent in the film. The screenplay is gripping. Except for few emotional highs and lows, the film is enjoyable. At times, the film lacks the energy to entertain the audiences, but then the crispy runtime helps us to stay connected to the movie and the lead character. The director Motwane’s skills of creating emotions correctly and the lead Raj Kumar Rao’s ability to perform are the shining elements of the movie Trapped. There are few silly logics which are not tightened up, but if we neglect them, the film is entertaining. The exciting aspects of the movie are intact, and if you are a big fan of thrillers, Trapped is far better than the hit thrillers we have. Watch it and feel trapped!

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