Transformers CGI team for Malayalam movie!

Mollywood might be in a financial crisis but it’s never in need of ambition nor is it short of creative effort, and this is just another example of that. The movie in question here is John Paul Vaathil Thurakkunnu, an upcoming film being directed by Chandrahasan.


The film stars Deepak Parambol, Shruthi Menon and Darshana Chandran in the lead roles with a host of other supporting characters. It’s based on a story written by Punhathil Kunjabdulla and tells the story of a simple youth who shows up for an interview and is drawn unwillingly in to a series of events that stink of deceit, betrayal and vengeance.

The movie is an all out action thriller with a reasonable quotient of drama and other elements in there as well.

That’s not the real interesting part about the flick though.

Apparently, the film has over 250 CGI and VFx shots, and the main team behind the work is Lumicel, which is a Thiruvananthapuram based Technopark company, and also just happens to be one of the teams behind the third instalment in the Transformers series by Michael Bay!

The other team or company involved in the movie is the Kochi based Effects Mania.

Some of the shots in the movie include a daring bull chase or chases (?), rain shots which were created by CGI and finally something that is new in Malayalam cinema but popular in international cinema, and making its entry in to Indian cinema these days – a free running scene!

With all these things and more, the movie is starting to look mighty interesting, folks. Let’s wait for it to hit the screens to see for ourselves if the Hollywood visual magic really got brought in to Mollywood with this one..

Arjun Mohan of the Ministry of Movies is producing the flick.

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