Trailer Talk-Sunny Leone Biopic

The life of Sunny Leone is full of thorns. Still, she emerged as one of the strongest women in the entertainment industry. She struggled a lot in the initial days of her career but took her time to come over the Porn Star image. Now, an interesting movie is coming up on the life of the actress. The film is titled Karenjith Kaur – The Untold Story of Sunny Leone.

Sunny Leone Biopic
Sunny Leone Biopic

The makers are planning to release it in episodes format. The trailer of the web series is out today and it has got multiple exciting elements about Sunny’s life. The complete life of Sunny Leone was depicted in the series and the best part of this is Sunny delivering a dialogue that there is a difference between a porn star and a prostitute and the difference is guts.

Raisa Soujani is seen in the childhood role of Sunny Leone. The first episode will be aired on 16th July.

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