Tractor driver in Janakiram’s case mentioned that he too should have died!

Yalamanchi Venkanna on Janakiram Death

Janaki Ram’s death made Nandamuri fans and TDP supporters feel extremely sad. It seems that the driver of the tractor to which Janaki Ram’s car got collided, too is a Nandamuri fan and is a TDP supporter. Tractor driver Yalamanchi Venkanna mentioned that he was extremely sad knowing that it is Nandamuri family member who was in the car.

He further stated that it would have been good if he too would have died in that accident. He gave an interview to TV9 and in that video he mentioned these words. Police officials were searching for Venkanna and he mentioned that he will surrender to the Police soon.

As per the reports, Venkanna doesn’t hold license to drive the tractor and hence the owner of the tractor Satyavathi too was involved in this case for giving the vehicle to the person who doesn’t hold any license.

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