Toxic pesticide found in Khalabhavan Mani’s body

It is common knowledge that Kalabhavan Mani, who suffered from a liver ailment and was admitted on March 4th to a hospital in a serious condition, was died on March 6th. Soon after his death, speculation surfaced that it was not a natural death as the hospital authorities reported the presence of a chemical in his body.

Kalabhavan Mani Dead Body
Kalabhavan Mani Dead Body

However, now a forensic examination has revealed that the presence of toxic pesticide Chlorpyrifos in the body of Kalabhavan Mani. Going into details, Mani allegedly drunk wine with his friends in his outhouse near Chalakkudy in Thrissur before taking ill and being taken to hospital. After sometime, Mani fell ill and admitted in hospital.

A few days ago the police probe team had taken into custody three of Mani’s close friends, who were with him when he fell ill at the outhouse. The police also suspect that all is not well because when they first reached the outhouse, the place had been cleaned up.

Kalabhavan Mani’s wife Nimmi said, “I was informed of Mani being admitted to a hospital by his brother only the next day. We want the truth to come out. He was one person who came up in life through hard work and enjoyed everything… he will never ever commit suicide.” She further admitted that there was discord in their family life.

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