Tough time for Nagarjuna’s N-Convention Centre!

King Nagarjuna’s N-Convention Centre is now under the radar again. Few months back, Nagarjuna got a shock from the government that his convention centre involves illegally occupied place. Nagarjuna managed to get stay order from the government and save his structure from demolition.

Nag N Convention Centre

Looks like, Nagarjuna is going to face the heat again. Government ordered to survey this land again and the team is set to survey Nagarjuna’s asset today. By the end of the day we may get some information on this aspect. Nagarjuna mentioned that he owns the land and he build the centre in his own land.

Looks like, the scenario is not perfect for the government and it ordered to go ahead with another survey to get the right details. In few hours, we can expect the government team to be in this conventional centre, doing the survey. “Will Nagarjuna gets one more shock from the government?” stay tuned to know the answer.

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