Topless Bipasha on Youtube!

Cyberspace is now feeling the heat of a New York Lotto commercial that was shot by Bipasha Basu and Vivek Oberoi.

YouTube uploads mention that the commercial has been directed by Ken Nahoum. The art direction has been done by illustrator Tommy Kane and it was shot in India.

Needless to say, the ad is very bold in terms of Indian standards and, hence, apprehensions remained about whether the actors had indeed shot for it. Vivek’s spokesperson said, “We can’t get in touch with Vivek and hence, can’t comment on this issue. We don’t have any idea about this ad.”

However, Bipasha’s manager confirmed that it is indeed the star, who has been featured in this ad. “Bipasha had done this ad in 1999 when she was modelling for Ford Modelling Agency in New York. It was done as an international assignment and was meant for the international market. I don’t know why such an old ad has surfaced now,” said Bipasha’s manager.

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