Top Story – Delhi Court issues restraining order against Ram Leela

Following a plea filed by an NGO for its objectionable content on religion, sex and vulgarity, the Delhi High Court has reconsidered the petition and issued a restraining order against the film Ram Leela, which stars Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone in the leads.

The movie which is made by celebrated director Sanjay Leela Bhansali is said to have obscene song sequences and offensive scenes against Hindu religious sentiments. The film was due for release this weekend on 15th November.

The petition was filed by six people, including Prabhu Samaj Dharmik ‘Ram Leela’ committee, that stated that the word Ram Leela has a lot of significance in the Hindu community and has deep roots with Lord Rama. Such a name should not be used for some misleading romantic entertainer made in the lines of Romeo Juliet. They said that a lot of people will go watch the film anticipating it to have some connect with the God.

Additional District Judge A S Jayachandra, in an ex-parte interim order, restrained Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Eros Entertainment from releasing the film until further orders.

The film teaser showing Ranveer shirtless in a song "Ram Chahe’ and a sizzling number, "Ang Laga De", have been aggressively promoted via satellite channels by the film makers. The visuals show a lot of skin and sensuality. A cameo by Priyanka Chopra in a Mujhraa number also added fumes to the prevailing anger within the groups.

There are talks that the director must either change the title of the film or remove the content objected upon.

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