Top Lechi Poddi!! – Allu Arjun Dance Special


Stylish star Allu Arjun celebrates his birthday today. The actor who started off in his most de glam persona came a long way with his massive transformation that saw him shine with amazing dance moves, punchy dialogues and acting skills. Arjun soon became an instant favourite of the young Telugu audiences, making space for himself as one of the top league stars of Tollywood today.


As the hero of masses turns 30 today, Chitramala takes a look at some of his hit songs that sent the legs moving and the booty shaking.

1. Feel My love – Aarya

Perhaps the first ever super hit song of Arjun, Feel my Love was a chartbuster, for its appealing music, lyircs and Arjun’s antics in the film. The movie was a super hit and struck off a chord with the audience who could connect to a concept called one side love. The film saw Bunny do that unique moon walk in the song, which was often copied by the real life lovers to impress their girlfriends.

2. You Rock My World – Aarya

The song that showcased the tremendous dance moves within Arjun and his impeccable energy was well received by the crowd. Arjun’s steps go super-fast, making for some incredible steps. The budding actor was soon predicted to be one of the future superstars of Tollywood post this movie.

3. Bunny Bunny – Bunny

The folk lore style dance number that made the audience dance – Bunny Bunny is a peppy song that was well choreographed with Arjun taking the lead and making his leading lady Gauri Munjal dance some more. The song is often listened to with certain fondness, even after many years.

4. Attantode Ittantode- Desamuduru

This Puri Jagannadh directorial saw Arjun jiving to some unimaginable steps with yesteryear bombshell Rambha set the theatres shaking with adrenaline. Setting a new trend bringing in the lost sexy actresses to do more with younger heroes on screen, this was one of the firsts. The item song that still remains an all-time favourite, Arjun officially arrived on the scene as the true country bred lad (Desamuduru)!!

5. Mr Perfect- Aarya 2

One of the biggest blockbusters that saw Arjun’s best dance ever, Aarya 2 has songs that can never be shaken off the minds. His subtle yet effective jiving in this song made the women go crazy and asking for more! Arjun fit the bill with style, power and self-contained energy levels.

6. My Love is Gone- Aarya 2

A tremendous hit this, My Love Is Gone remains to be one of the best dance songs ever. Allu Arjun’s unreplaceable floor acrobatics wowed the audience. The song on love failure delivered with beat and moves; one of its kind in Tollywood sad numbers that will make people celebrate losing love. His ability to be in the air for a while before making it to the ground sent some shivers in the spines who saw it on the big screen.

7. In the Night – Badrinath

Though the film was a dud, Badrinath saw some incredible songs that showed off Arjun’s trademark steps. His pairing with Tamannah in this sizzling number saw some whistles going on the rooftops. Arjun’s mid-air steps made people gape with amazement. Tamannah just tried hard enough to match up.

8. Mee Intiki Mundhu – Julai

The return of Arjun’s energy after a while on screen happened with Trivikram’s Julai. This song choreographed on Arjun and Ileana went on to become an instant favourite for Arjun’s calculated and balanced moves that were rendered in style. Julai did not have many hit dance tracks, but whatever was offered saw a touch of Arjun’s magic in it.

9. Top Lechi Poddi – Iddarammailatho

A roaring super hit once again with Puri Jagannadh saw Arjun make the two leading ladies, Catherine Tresa and Amala Paul sweat it out – on the floor literally. This high energy mass masala number went on to become one of the best dance songs ever with its catchy beats, folk touch and Arjun all over it.

10. Violin Song- Iddarammailatho

This song became a ring tone, a caller tune and a must have in the music collection off late. Though slow and soft, the song has some unique composition coupled with Bunny’s yet contained dance moves that made an impact. Perhaps one of the slowest best that made people jive in the recent times, the Violin song also became of the Allu Arjun’s best numbers so far.

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