Top inspirational telugu songs

Songs have a special place in the hearts of people. One cannot imagine Indian movies without song and dance. Music has the power to heal a person, make him fall in love with the world and inspire him to achieve his goals and be successful in life. Telugu movies have produced some great inspirational songs which can make life of person better and enriching. Let’s have a look at them.

(1)   Gaayam- Niggadeesi Adugu

The song “Niggadeesi Adugu” written by Sirivennela Sitaramasastry, sung by S.P. Balasubramaniam and composed by Sri is a special song in the movie. The song awakens people about the evil and bad things going on in the society and tells the truth that whatever happens in the society the people don’t care and don’t revolt back. The specialty of the song is Sirivennela himself acted in this song. The movie is directed by Ram Gopal Varma.



(2)   Ankuram -Evvaro Okaru

Ankuram movie directed by Umamaeshwar Rao, music composed by Hamsalekha had only one song in the movie. “Evvaro Okaru” written by Sirivennela Sitaramasastry, explains someone and somewhere has to take the responsibility to clean the system. Chitra sung this motivating number.



(3)   Chiru Navvuto- Santosham Sagam Balam

The song “Santosham Sagam Balam” explains the importance of happiness in life. It explains in the song that the strength of a person is his ability to be happy. Sitaramasastry penned lyrics for this song, Mani Sharma composed music and Ram Prasad directed the movie. The movie got Mani Sharma Film fare award for best music director. The singer of the song is S.P. Balasubramaniam.



(4)   Nani- Pedave Palikina

This song “Pedave Palikina” occupies very important place in hearts of Telugu audience. Whoever listens’ to the song feel emotional as it deals with the bonding of Mother with the child. In the song it explains that the best sweetest word that comes out of one’s mouth is mother. The song is written by Chandrabose and composed by A.R. Rahman. The movie was directed by S.J. Surya. Jeans Srinivas sang the song.



(5)   Naa Autograph- Mounamgane

“Mounamgane” song is best suited for today’s youth. The song explains the importance of success and in order to achieve anything in life one has to stay calm. The song gives a strong message to the youth. Chandrabose wrote the lyrics and M.M. Keervani composed music for the song. Chitra is the singer of the song.



(6)    Gudamba Shankar-Le Le Le Le

Power Star Pawan Kalyan makes sure that every movie of his has some kind of message to the youth in the form of a song. Let it be I am an Indian from Badri, Ye mera Jaha from Kushi, Naraaz Kaakuraa from Johnny and Le Le from Gudamba Shankar. The song is composed by Mani Sharma and written by Chandrabose. The songs awakens the youth to revolt against the political system and to throw away all the corrupted leaders, the song also captures the attack on women, and also the consequences of employing children at job. K K is the singer of the song.




(7)   Chakram- Jagamanta Kutumbam

Jagamanta Kutumbam song can be considered top song in the career of Sitaramasastry. The song explains the role of human as a family, as a poet, as a wife, and as a husband. Krishna Vamshi should be appreciated for coming up with a situation in the movie. The song is composed by Chakri and music director Sri voice was the perfect choice for the song.



(8)   Gamyam- Enta Varaku Endu Koraku

The song written by Sitaramasastry got him best lyricist both in Nandi and Film fare awards. The whole intention of the song is to tell that whole world is present in you and it’s up to you how you define the world to make it better place to live. Sitaramasastry gave good definition of enemies of a person being your negative qualities and friends of a person being your likes. The song is composed by E. S. Murthy and sung by Ranjith.



(9)   Komaram Puli- Namakame

The song “Namakame” from Puli is so soothing that it makes you fall in sleep. A.R. Rahman once again created his magic with the tune and singers Chitra and Madhushree will make fall in love with the song. Chandrabose penned the lyrics for the song. In the song a Mother will be praying to god to give her confidence, no fear to raise her son against the evil society.


(10)   Mr. Nookayya- Oke Oka Jeevitham

The song is written by Ramjogayya Sastry and composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Haricharan sang the song. The song is very inspirational and makes you feel better when one feel low or upset with their life. The song explains there is only one life in the world and don’t let it go away from you.

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