Top Heroine says why you want to f**k me?

Sudipto Chattopadhyay finally wins the six-month-long battle with the censor board to retain Bipasha Basu saying f*** twice in Pankh..

Sanjay Gupta’s Pankh has been engaged in a battle with the censors for six long months. Reason – director Sudipto Chattopadhyay didn’t want to delete the parts where Bipasha says ‘f***’ in the film despite it meaning that he got a A certificate.

A source says, “Bipasha says f*** not once but twice in the film. Chattopadhyay was clear that those words should neither be beeped nor be deleted by the censor board.”

Although Chattopadhyay has made a few compromises in the film by beeping some objectionable words uttered by other characters in the film, he didn’t want to mute Bipasha’s foul language.

Explaining the relevance of Bipasha’s use of foul language in the film, he said, “Bipasha plays protagonist Maradona’s alter ego. She fights as well as supports him throughout the film. She says f*** during one of the scenes where they are at loggerheads. She tells Maradona, ‘You are f***** up in the head, that’s why you want to f*** me’.”

We hear that actors Mahesh Manjrekar and Maradona too have quite a few objectionable lines in the film.

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