Top Heroine Caught Smuggling Rs 5 Crores Diamonds!

Actress Caught Smuggling Diamonds
Actress Caught Smuggling Diamonds

Bollywood tabloids are been abuzz with the stories of a happening actress, who was recently caught smuggling diamonds worth 5 Crore from abroad.

Going into the details, when a young customs officer caught her at the customs clearance check point, she started pleading him to leave the issue and not make big news out of it. However, the honest officer didn’t oblige to her and just when the officer was about to file a charge sheet, hr got a phone call from an unnamed politician, who ordered the officer to let the actress go.

This politician has even warned him of troublesome consequences if he didn’t oblige or if he goes to the media. The poor officer had to let the actress walk away freely. It is heard that the officer has been transferred to a remote village in Maharashtra.

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