Top Director Cheated by his Brother?

As per latest rumors in Film Nagar, a top director is cheated by his own brother.

The director’s maiden production venture turned out to be super hit but his own brother, who was involved in the film’s production, was said to have reaped out the entire profits, and this apparently pushed the director into financial issues. Even though the star director scored a hit with his directorial project in between, he couldn’t digest the cheating by his own brother.

Director Cheated by his Brother
Director Cheated by his Brother

The director kept tight lipped about this issue as it was his own brother and he didn’t want his family in the news for wrong reasons. However, it became a talking point in the close circles of the star director. Now, the director is planning to produce a few films to overcome the financial woes. He is also focusing on his new directorial venture starring a big hero.

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