Top 3 item girls in Indian film industry

Items songs hold special positions in Indian film industry. These songs are considered to be the main commercial assets for the ventures. Even though, several heroines tried their luck as item bombs in Indian film industry, only few actresses succeeded to mark their presence as the best item girl in the arena.

Katrina Kaif:


In the list of the top 3 item bombs, Katrina Kaif holds the No.1 position as the most established and trustful item bomb in Indian cinema. This lady showered huge collections to the film producers with the item numbers. Even though Katrina Kaif charges high remuneration for item songs, she is known for bringing back 5 times more profits to the film makers. This aspect turned Katrina to be the top item bomb in Bollywood.

Sunny Leone:


Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone occupied second position in this list. This babe blasted the hearts of youngsters with a different kind of glamour quotient. In the recent times, almost all her albums got huge views in youtube. This include “Pink Lips” song. Recently, Sunny Leone is set to get top position as item girl with Tollywood movie ‘Current Teega’. Even though, this babe is not officially an item girl, all her songs looks like they are item songs!

Nargis Fakhri:


The third one in the list is Nargis Fakhri. This upcoming item bomb recently did a special song in Kollywood. Her photo shoots literally make men fall flat to their knees. Everybody in Kollywood are eager to see this babe as the item bomb in on the big screen. If Katrina occupies No.1 place in the most stabilized item bombs list, Nargis is the top in the list of upcoming No.1 item girls. For now, she is in third place according to the fan following who are aspiring to see Nargis as item girl.

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