Toothpick in stomach for 25 years

A 65-year-old man in Sweden had been suffering from stomach pain for 25 years. He recently found out there was a toothpick lodged in his stomach all this time.

Ove Sohlberg said the pain began around 25 years ago after surgery for stomach ulcers, Fox News reported.

"I felt like there was something in there and I was in constant pain," he said.

Sohlberg said he had been admitted to hospital more than 100 times since then.

Recently, surgeons removed a six-cm-long wooden toothpick from his abdomen.

Sohlberg, from Lycksele in northern Sweden, said he believed the object was left in his body from the operation a quarter of a decade ago.

"It seems a pity I had to live with it for so many years," he said.(IANS)

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