Tollywood’s Hudhud Cyclone charity show details

Hudhud Cyclone

Tollywood film industry is known for its charities. Whenever there is an issue in the state, film industry stands on the front row to help people. It is known that the people of Andhra Pradesh and Telengana are entertainment lovers. Hence, Tollywood conducts charity shows to raise money for the cause.

This time too, Tollywood decided to raise 10 Crores through charity show for the sake of Hudhud Cyclone victims. It is known that Hudhud created huge loss to the people of Vizag. Few film stars donated money but the requirement for money is too high as the damage is on peaks.

To raise more money, Tollywood film industry is conducting a charity show on 9th November in Annapoorna Studio, Hyderabad. Event starts at 9AM and will continue till 10PM. Star heroes, heroines, comedians, dancers and character artists will entertain audience for almost 13 hours. Enjoy the show and donate money for the cause.

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