Tollywood’s best gift to hot heroine Samantha!

Tollywood film industry gave the best gift to Samantha Prabhu. In fact, this industry gave a life which Samantha may not get if she would have landed in any other regional film industry in India. In Kollywood, Samantha is facing tough times with flops and lack of publicity.

Samantha Gift From Tollywood

Samantha’s films in Kollywood are encountering series of flops and even if they touch the top level status, they are not fetching much attention to Samantha. It is only in Tollywood, she is enjoying the best spectators’ attention. What can be better than getting the most wonderful life as a gift?

Samantha got it from Tollywood and its film makers. Interestingly, even after becoming a No.1 star in Tollywood, her fate in Kollywood didn’t change. She is set to retire from heroine roles after 3 years and we have to see whether she gets a blockbuster in Kollywood in this span or not.

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