Tollywood writers fined for using coffee mug in Toilet!

Presently Actor Mohan Babu is in New York,USA with his family members to celebrate the birth of his twin granddaughters. Tollywood well known writers Kona Venkat and BVS Ravi also went to New York for a story discussion with Mohan Babu and his son Vishnu. There a funny incident happened and Mohan Babu shares that incident through his Twitter.

Here is His Tweets

Vishnu brought @konavenkat and @bvsravi to New York for story sitting and both if them are in my neighboring room. Funny incident today.

They were fined 500$ because they r not used to toilet papers after natures call and they used the coffee mug in the room to wash.

I had to bail them out of the angry house keeping lady ire and pay the fine. Love u both for the coffee mug incident.

So our writers faced a bitter experience in USA. They were fined $500 for using coffee mug instead of Toilet tissue!!

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