Tollywood was always a ‘hero centric’ domain

Following up on director Nandini Reddy’s latest statement about recent films being penned mostly on heroes, the viewers and critics have a different opinion altogether. Tollywood has always been a very ‘hero-centric’ domain, be it the black and white days of NTR and ANR, the east man color days of Shoban Babu and Krishna, the 90 s which saw the rise of Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Venkatesh and Balayya – to the days of Allu Arjun, Junior NTR, Charan and Rana – everytime there was a story, hero played a male protagonist mostly. Yes, there was a qualitative acting from heroines in the past in this setting, be it the likes of Savithri to Soundarya, the lady galore is certainly failing to keep up the expectations in the recent times, what with talent being mostly ‘imported’ from Mumbai and Chennai. So, all in all, while most of us appreciate the fact that Nandini spoke about ‘failing content’ in the films these days, the narcissistic male dominated monopoly was ever felt in this industry.

Formulae story, item songs, meaningless chopper stunts are just some more add ons to garnish the new palette of Telugu Cinema.

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