Tollywood supports Anna Hazare!

On Today (August 19, 2011) morning Tollywood Actors, producers, directors, writers, artists and other unit’s members have joined the rally to support Anna Hazare, a 74 Years old activist who is fighting against corruption. They implemented a day long fasting for this sake and demanded for the Lokpal Bill by Anna to be displayed in the parliament.

The rally went on peacefully from APFCC (Andhra Pradesh Film Chamber of Commerce) in Film Nagar condemning Anna’s arrest. They later began their fast to express solidarity with the activist who launched his fast in New Delhi Tuesday and was sent to the Tihar Jail.

‘We fully support Anna Hazare and his efforts for fighting against corruption. There is no alternative to a comprehensive Jan Lokpal bill,’ said actress Jeevitha. ‘We are in a situation where nobody is above board. The public perception is that 80 to 90 percent politicians are corrupt and hence there is every need to make all politicians accountable,’ she said.

Black is the colour symbol they have chosen to participate in the protest and support Anna. Some tied black ribbons to their mouths and some wore black dresses.

Anna left to Ramlila ground in Delhi on Friday to continue his protest for anti corruption.

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