Tollywood Stars tops Forbes List in 2017

Forbes India released the top 100 celebrities list which is based on the income earned by the Celebrities in 2017. The South Stars are competing with the Bollywood Stars. Earning equally or more than those in the north.

Forbes List in India 2017
Forbes List in India 2017

Not only heroes directors also stood top. Rajamouli stood at 15th place with 55 crores of income in 2017. Baahubali Jakkanna stood at first place among the South stars. The second place is also occupied by Bahubali i.e, Prabhas with 36.25 crores which is 22nd Rank in India.

After Rajamouli and Prabhas, Surya, Mahesh, Pawan, Rana, Allu Arjun, Mohan Lal also got the chance. The list of their position and their income as follows:

Rajamouli : 15th position : Rs 55 Crores

Prabhas : 22nd position : Rs 36.25 Crores

Surya : 25th position : Rs 34 Crores

Vijay : 31th position : Rs 29 Crores

Rana : 36th position : Rs 22 Crores

Mahesh : 37th position : Rs 19.63 Crores

Pawan Kalyan : 69th position : Rs 11.33 Crores

Mohan Lal : 73rd position : Rs 11.03 Crores

Allu Arjun : 81st position : Rs 7.74 Crores

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