Tollywood Star Hero Becomes Victim of ‘Modi’ Stroke?

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced the surprising decision of the govt to ban the higher denomination currency notes, the ripple effect was witnessed in our Telugu film industry.

Tollywood Star Hero Black Money
Tollywood Star Hero Black Money

The films that were slated for release got postponed. Projects in preproduction stage got shelved. Now, it is heard that a star hero is cursing himself for stashing as much as Rs 25 Cr at his home. The money is unaccounted so he can’t even bring it out now with the fear of his name hitting headlines.

The hero is said to be showing his frustration on his family members for keeping the amount at home, without investing. He is heard to have stopped his film’s shooting and is devising plans of how to make it legal tender. However, he is making tall claims on social media and praising Modi for the historical decision.

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