Tollywood Shocks With Chicago Sex Racket – Who is A, B, C, D, E Heroines- Here is Full List

The sex racket case in Telugu film industry is undergoing a lot of twists and turns everyday. America department of home guard security is investigating the case deeply. The police officials have submitted an affidavit of 40 pages and the investigation is still going on. The police officials have named the victims as A,B,C,D and E. Along with them, we have come to know that there are other heroines who were involved in this prostitution racket.

Tollywood Sex Rocket in USA
Tollywood Sex Rocket in USA

Kishan Modugumodi and Chandra Kala couple who is running this sex racket was arrested by the police officials. The investigation is going on and the cops are expecting that more names will be out.

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On November 20th last year a heroine went to Chicago from Delhi. She participated in Telugu association of south California event on November 18th. She was supposed to attend this event but she reached Chicago with a delay of two days instead of California. Some of the officials have doubted this and informed the cops. After a clear cut investigation and deep research, the cops have found the couple involved in this sex racket.

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Here is YCP Leader Vasireddy Padma Comments On AP CM Chandrababu Over Tollywood Illegal Racket In America

The police officials have been investigating Vemana Satish who is a president of Telugu association of North America. Vasi Reddy Padma Questions Chandrababu Naidu Over CBI Officers Questioning TANA President Satish Vemana Who is Very Close To Chandrababu Naidu Over Tollywood Illegal Racket.

Satish Vemana, on the other side released a statement he will cooperate with the police officials to bring out the truths in the case.

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