Tollywood on screen fashion disasters

Most of the audience look at film stars and take inspiration in all aspects of life. Having a good dressing sense is important for an actor. Most of their fans admire the style and try to follow it. Some of the admirers even adapt the style in their daily life. But, sometimes the star comes up with a style which does not create great impression on the people and gets criticized by the media. Also gets caught by fashion cops of sorts!

Let’s have a look at some of the fashion disaasters on screen in Tollywood

Prabhas (Darling)

Prabhas in Darling

Prabhas is a heart throb to all girls because of his Greek personality. He also has good following among youth and mass. In the movie Darling, this Darling of dames tried out something different but was criticized for his outfits. Prabhas tried to copy the style used by some groups of people in United States but that unfortunately, did not work out. The shirts were long and the colors used by him were weird. Adding to a complete disaster.



Ram (Devadasu)

Ram in Devadasu

Ram is one of the upcoming actors in Telugu. He has some good hits to his credit like Devadasu, Ready and Maska. Devadasu was his first movie as an actor. In that movie Ram’s costumes were looking ahead of his age. He was 17 when the movie released and he was looking like a 25 year old. He played tapori character in the movie but his outfits were not looking good on screen. Ram also looked annoying at places. Unappealing!




Tamannah (Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam)

Tamannah in Koncham Ishtam Koncham Kashtam

Tamannah is one of the leading actresses in Telugu. She has good following both in Tamil and Telugu. Her style in Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam movie was not received well by audience. She looked odd in her hair style and also not glamorous in her dressing style. The movie though scored well with audience but did not go well with Tamannah’s style.

Absolute thumbs down!




Ileana (Julayi)

Illeana in  Julayi

Ileana is a successful heroine. She acted in good movies both in Telugu and Hindi. Her style in Julayi was not that expected. Her dresses were not looking stylish and she was looking like a patient in the movie. Allu Arjun himself was not happy with Ileana in the movie.



Genelia (Orange)

Genelia in Orange

The same Genelia who mesmerized audience with her performance and looks in movie like Bommarilu failed to attract audience with her look in movie Orange. Her look was de glamourized in the movie with bad makeup, dresses and hair style. She was not all looking beautiful on screen and irritated audience with her performance.



Balakrishna (Adhinayakudu)

NBK in Adhinayakudu

Balakrishna is one of the four pillars of Telugu film industry. All of his movies have strong emotional scenes. Balakrishna played three characters in the movie Adhinayakudu out of which the first character had very bad dressing sense with odd shirt colors and pants. The director wanted to show case Balakrishna in a trendy avatar but failed to do so. The plan that so backfired!


Sunil (Mr. Pellikoduku)

Sunil can be taken as inspiration by everyone for his dedication and hard work. His progress from the family pack to six pack is just amazing. The character in the movie Mr. Pellikoduku is that of a NRI. Sunil somehow did not suit the character. His dressing sense and hair style were looking artificial on him.



Siddharth (Jabardasth)

Siddharth in Jabardasth

Siddharth is considered the most romantic hero in Telugu. He is best suited doing soft romantic movies. The character in Jabardasth is a tapori character which required him to go for cheap dresses. The style quotient in the movie is zero and audience felt like Siddharth was a total misfit in the character.


Richa Gangopadhyay (Bhai)

Richa Gangopadhyay in Bhai

Richa is considered bubbly girl. Her fashion style in the movie was bad. Fashion designer plays an important role in showing the actor in glamorous way. In the movie Richa had put on loads of weight and her dresses did compliment her. She was not able to carry the costumes.



Taapsee (Shadow)

Taapsee in Shadow

Taapsee is trying hard to prove herself to be a good actress. But the movie Shadow bought her bad luck. Her style in the movie looked different in the scenes and way different in songs. Her look did not click in the songs. The fashion designer tried variety costumes and hair styles that did not go down well with the audience.


To be Continued..

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