Tollywood scared with Samaikyandhra protests

Looks like the small movement that started against the State Divide is now about to toss the film industry like a huge Tsunami. Samaikyandhra agitations are picking force day after day, threatening the release of big films. Now, even small films are under great gamble with the movement racing with a huge impact on commercials. While movies of stars like Ram Charan, Pawan Kalyan and Junior NTR have already been postponed to undefined dates, the small films are also now joining the boat, pushing back. Gunnam Gangaraju’s Chandamama lo Anrutham is also one of the films that will now be postponed due to uncertainty of situation. The only film that released to a great advantage recently was Mohan Krishna Indraganti’s Anathakamundu Aa Tharavaata, which picked rave reviews. While the film has good content, the analysts wonder if such a tremendous reception was mostly due to lack of any other big film releasing against it. What the coming months have in store for Toollywood, only the protestors can destine.

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