Tollywood’s dark side!!

Recent arrest of Tollywood Producer Singanamala Ramesh Babu has led the team of Crime Investigation Department to put the entire Telugu Film industry under inspection, the sleuths from CID are anticipating that the producer will possibly give out the information about the tie ups Tollywood actors have with underworld gangsters. It might also give out the answers to questions about the source of funds which have been utilized for films like Khaleja, Komaram Puli and Rakhta Charitra.

It is also believed that there are certain starlets who would make frequent visits to Gangster Maddalacheruvu Suri and his supporter Bhanu Kiran at their residence in Madhapur at Alekhya Apartments. Suri has been shot in January 2011 while Bhanu kiran has been absconding since then and not been able to get caught.

Currently forensic experts are given the mobile phone records of Ramesh to inspect who already are handling Suri’s laptop. Mr. S. Umapathi, CID inspector general of Police has already stated that Ramesh has admitted to have used Bhanu to settle certain arguments at gunpoint and they also specified that he is very hard to get through which is why they have taken him into charge in order to force him to give out more information related to the connections of actors with mafia.

It is considered that Suri and Bhanu have financed many of the films which is only possible since there are many producers and directors who were desperate to get funds from any potential source even if it had to be the gangsters due to the growing production costs.

Tammareddy Bhardwaj, famous producer has said that only greed has forced Ramesh to join hands with Suri and Bhanu otherwise there was no need for Ramesh who was rich and able to finance several top films to take assistance of these gangsters.
For now, Ramesh is only charged with three cases of cheating and threats directed to film financiers and music company people but will be further interrogated on the links between the Tollywood actors and actresses with Suri and Bhanu.

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