Tollywood Reel pairs that looked like Real ones

Telugu movie industry has produced great romantic movies over the years. Apart from the love genre movies many great pairs have been introduced to the screen. The reason being the chemistry between the lead pairs, the performance between the pairs have reached an extent that they might marry in the real life. Let’s have a look at the pairs.

Chiranjeevi and Sridevi  (Jagadeka Veerudu Atiloka Sundari)

Sridevi and Chiranjeevi

Jagadeka Veerudu Atiloka Sundari movie is a classic in Telugu movie industry. The song “Abbanee teeyani debba” is still considered a golden hit. Direction by K. Raghavendra Rao, production values of Ashwini Dutt, cinematography by Ajay Vincent and music by Maestro Illayaraja are the assets of the movie. Apart from great technical standards, the chemistry between Megastar Chiranjeevi and Atiloka Sundari Sridevi is great. The pair looked great and made the audience felt love with them. This song explains the chemistry between the lead pair.



Venkatesh and Simran (Kalisundam Raa)

Venkatesh and Simran

He is the handsome hero of every Telugu household, and she was an explosion on screen. Both Venky and Simran looked dazzling together on screen – so good that fans thought they almost looked like the perfect real life couple. The constant comparison with the real pairs happened with this one in the 90’s.



Akkineni Nagarjuna and Tabu ( Nine Pelladatha)

Nag and Tabu

Nagarjuna is considered to be the King of romance. Though Nag acted in romantic movies like Geetanjali, Mannmadhudu, etc., Nine Pelladatha is considered to be on top due to chemistry between the lead pairs. Tabu and Nag looked good perfect on screen. Both of them were successful in getting the romance on the screen which made the movie a classic. Apart from the lead pair chemistry credit should be given to director Krishna Vamsi and music director Sandeep Chowta. The movie won National award for best feature film.



Pawan Kalyan and Keerthi Reddy (Tholi Prema)

Pawan and Keerthi Reddy

Tholi Prema movie changed the fate of Pawan Kalyan. The movie made him Power Star from ordinary star. The movie was Pawan first silver jubilee movie and the first movie in Indian film industry to have six re-releases. The movie got a National award and six Nandi awards. The reason for all this the magic created by the lead pair. Director Karunakaran should be appreciated for showing the lead pair in a natural way. Audience felt the characters Balu and Anu behaved as characters next door. The movie if releases now also can get great collections.



Tarun and Richa (Nuvve Kavali)

Tarun and Richa in Nuvve Kavali

Nuvve Kavali being the first movie of both Tarun and Richa, the movie had a record run of 365 days in Hyderabad, Odeon theatre. This movie can be considered the first youthful movie in Telugu industry. It also set a trend in romantic movies. The story revolves around two friends and hidden love in between them. Directed Vijaya Bhaskar was successful in extracting good performances from the actors. The movie is considered to be a matured love story.



Uday Kiran and Reema Sen (Manasantha Nuvve)

Reema Sen and Uday Kiran

Late Uday Kiran was considered boy next door. He was the only actor in Telugu to have consecutively three blockbusters. Reema Sen is considered to be the best pair with Uday Kiran. They both make the screen perfect and audience felt they are going to get married in real life due to their chemistry. The movie was remade into Tamil, Kannada, Hindi and Bengali. It had a run of 175 days.





Mahesh Babu and Trisha (Athadu)

Mahesh and Trisha in Athadu

To act along a tall actor like Mahesh is not an easy thing. Trisha covered this aspect to an extent. Athadu though is not a romantic movie, has some kind of under current love emotion going on between lead pairs. Director Trivikram Srinivas came up with some cute teasing scenes between Mahesh and Trisha. Mani Sharma music needs special mention for the extraordinary background score and songs. The movie was remade into Hindi. Mahesh won Nandi award for best actor along with Trivikram.



Siddharth and Genelia (Bommarillu)

Siddharth and Genelia

Bommarilu starring Siddharth and Genelia is considered to be the best family romantic entertainer till date. The movie got 7 Nandi and 3 Filmfare awards. Apart from the family emotions the chemistry between the lead pairs are the reasons for the success. Both Siddu and Genelia were looking cute on screen and were considered picture perfect by the critics. Most of the youth went mad about the fashion style of the actors. Director Bhaskar and producer Raju should feel proud for coming up with a refreshing movie like Bommarilu.



Prabhas and Anushka (Billa, Mirchi)

Prabhas and Anushka in Mirchi

Both Prabhas and Anushka pair make the screen complete. Both Billa and Mirchi are not romantic movies but whenever they both come on screen they create some magic and audience would never feel bore of them. Prabhas next movie Baahuballi also casts Anushka as heroine.




Ram Charan and Kajal Agarwal (Magadheera)

Ram Charan and Kajal

Director Rajamouli came up with a love story in his career with Magadheera. The movie is industry hit in Telugu and won two national awards, nine Nandi awards and six Filmfare awards. Both Ram Charan and Kajal performed exceptionally well in both the episodes of the movie. This movie is considered to be the best in the genre of rebirth. Kajal looked really like princess and Charan suited perfectly as the mighty warrior. The pain in love between them was shown in very poetic way.



Naga Chaitanya and Samantha (Ye Maya Chesave)

Samantha and Naga Chaitanya

With this movie both Naga Chaitanya and Samantha has become favorite pair. Samantha’s character related to mentality and behavior of present girls and Naga Chaitanya played boy next door character. Sam was referred to as “Kundanapu Bomma” in a song and youth have gone mad about her beauty and started searching for Jessy and Karthik in their lives. Samantha and Naga Chaitanya’s pair is still considered the best in the recent times. With the success of this movie Samantha became a busy and popular actress. The movie is directed by Gautam Menon and music by A.R Rahman.

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