Tollywood is much better than Bollywood – Katrina Kaif!

Katrina Kaif Bollywood

Katrina Kaif, who acted with both Tollywood and Bollywood heroes, mentioned that she used to face tough times when acting with few Bollywood actors. This beauty mentioned that few Bollywood heroes used to come to sets without bathing.

This turned out to be a sensational aspect in the media. She mentioned that few Bollywood heroes used to enjoy late night hot drinks parties and used to come to the sets next day, without cleaning themselves properly. It seems that she even vomited on the sets, few times!

Speaking on Tollywood heroes, she mentioned that they are clean and are decent on the sets. She further stated that the problem is with few Bollywood heroes only. She anyways denied to reveal the names. Anyways, people in the sets who saw her vomiting in the past, may give few clues to the media.

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