Tollywood mourns Paul Walker’s sudden death


Saturday went down as one of the worst, sad days for Hollywood film lovers. Paul Walker, the co star with Vin Diesel who plays the character Brain O Connor in Fast n Furious action series, died in an unfortunate car crash, in Los Angeles, leaving millions of fans across the globe heartbroken. Paul was 40.

Our Tollywood stars took to tweeting their shock, condolences and grief over Walker’s unfortunate death. Incidentally, the Hollywood star has fans among stars here.

Siddharth        ✔ @Actor_Siddharth

Paul Walker, star of the Fast & Furious franchise dies in a car accident and explosion at 40. What cruel irony.

allari naresh @allarinaresh

Sad news, US film actor Paul Walker who starred in Fast & Furious killed in car crash in California, 

Nikhil Siddhartha @actor_Nikhil

Sad to hear about Paul Walker… Always loved his style of acting… Life is unpredictable…

snehaullal @snehaullalheart

Paul walker died In a car crash. Absolutely heart breaking news.vvvvv sad

snehaullal @snehaullalheart

Have been a fan of fast and furious since day 1. Vvvvvvv saddened

Rana Daggubati @RanaDaggubati

RIP Paul Walker! Brian O Connor you will be missed.

Hence forth, we can be assured that the action series will never be the same again. Rest in peace Paul. We miss you!

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