Tollywood high on cocaine

HYDERABAD: Tollywood is a vice den. If you had suspicions about this earlier then Hyderabad’s police commissioner A K Khan confirmed it on Friday in an open press conference.

“There is widespread abuse of hard drugs in Tollywood. The list of 65 cocaine users that we have include top film heroines, entrepreneurs and students from affluent families. Among other places drugs are sold are the premises of nine leading pubs in the city,” Khan told incredulous newspersons.

Khan had called for the press conference after the arrest of the two brothers of film actor Ravi Teja and a Nigerian peddler on Thursday night.

“We are keeping a watch on them and if they don’t mend their ways, it is just a matter of time before we catch them red handed,” Khan warned.

According to the commissioner, intelligence gathering had been stepped up following the arrest of four cocaine supplying gangs in the last 45 days and it was realised from their confessions that there are several cocaine piddlers in the city and a huge number of users. This included high-end businessmen and students from affluent families.
Khan also sent out a none too discreet threat to the high-end pubs in the city. “We have information about drug abuse at nine such places and once we collect evidence, the managers will be behind the bars and the establishments shut down.

When asked to name the pubs, he said think of the names of the top ones and you will know the names.
“Not just supply of cocaine, the intelligence gathered by our sleuths says that spiking of drinks with certain drugs and tablets in certain pubs is very high which might prove dangerous for the female customers,” Khan said.

Meanwhile, those arrested on Thursday night near Green Mosque on Banjara Hills Road No 3, namely actor Ravi Teja’s brothers B Raghunatha Raju alias Raghu Babu, 34, Bharath Raju, 36, of MP & MLA Colony in Jubilee Hills, their friend D Naresh, 40, of Madhuranagar and Nigerian peddler Chima Clement, 45,for possession of cocaine were presented before the media on Friday.

A team of west zone police first nabbed Chima and through him caught the trio red handed when they called up Chima asking for a delivery near Green Mosque. Upon seeing the cops, the trio dropped the cocaine sachets in their car and tried to escape but were nabbed by the cops.

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