Few more Tollywood heroines in prostitution!!

Swetha Basu Prasad’s prostitution aspect turned out to be a hot topic in the state. She mentioned that there are few more heroines who were involved in prostitution in the state. This made audience suspect various heroines in different angles. Observing this aspect, few heroines gave open statements that Swetha went into a wrong path. These statements pushed these actresses out of the audience radars.


Top heroines will never get a chance to think about prostitution and hence “Who are the other heroines whom Swetha refers too?” turned out to be the point. For sure, it might be few low grade or the middle grade actresses. Police officials are now investigating on this aspect and Swetha may help them in chasing those actresses.

As Swetha accepted the fact and she found herself guilty, she may not go into the field again in future. She may help the Police department and the other heroines in getting out of this prostitution issue. At present, Swetha is in rescue home in Ameerpet where she will be given counseling for 3 months on various aspects.

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