Tollywood Heroines Hungama in Short Dress

Tollywood actresses Samantha, Rakul Preet Singh and Regina, are claiming to be the new ‘US Girls 2.’

The three hotties are currently in Belgium along with costume designer Neeraja Kona, enjoying a vacation. It is generally a norm for the actresses to sport short and body revealing outfits in movies and movie related functions to grab the attention of filmmakers and audiences. These heroines, however, wear normal clothes off-screen.

Heroines in Short dress
Heroines in Short dress

But these 3 actresses have left all the inhibitions and are roaming around the streets, shopping malls and restaurants of Belgium sporting mini outfits. Both Rakul and Regina have posted the pics on social media with ‘US Girls 2’ as a caption. ‘US Girls’ was a Hollywood film in which the heroines roam around wearing short dresses.

They would have been in limits of it was India, but as it was Belgium, they got unlimited freedom.

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