Tollywood Employees Strike called off!

We all know that from past ten days the unions in AP Film employee’s federation are in strike on demanding a pay hike from the Tollywood producers. All the Tollywood movie shootings stalled due to the strike across the country and the film industry also faced severe losses due to recent strike and this strike in Tollywood.

Recently Tollywood producers agreed to pay 32 per cent hike for the employees, but some of the unions are not satisfied with that hike and they demanded 60 per cent hike. Producers refused to give them 60 per cent pay hikes. Now the latest news is that most employees called off the ongoing Tollywood strike and the shootings will resume from today as usual.

As per the sources there are 24 employee unions under the federation of whom 17 unions agreed for 32 per cent pay hike. Since majority of the unions are agreed for 32% hike, the rest too gave up strike and agreed for the Producers proposal.

So from today onwards the movie shooting are going to star and Tollywood producers are happy about the employee’s federation decision.

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