Tollywood Directors And Their Own Unique Style

Tollywood directors always prefer to make films upon the genre that they have their grip on. They always opt for the safe game, whatever may be the result. Let us take a look at the top directors of our Tollywood directors and their style of making.

Tollywood Director’s And Their Strength’s
Tollywood Director’s And Their Strength’s

If you rank the current directors of Tollywood, S.S.Rajamouli will surely top the list. From the beginning, this director has been branded for huge films. The heroes and characters in his films have a larger than life image and will mesmerize the audience. His films always have the commercial element in them. Till “Magadheera,” Rajamouli was a common director, but post “Magadheera” he was seen completely different. Expectations over his films grew day by day. To remove the tag of a big director he made “Marayadaramanna” and “Eega” and got good appreciation for his work. This year with “Baahubali,” Rajamouli once again opted for his revenge drama story and became successful. He is currently shooting “Baahubali- The conclusion” and will release it next year.

V.V.Vinayak, Srinu Vaitla, Trivikram, Boyapati Srinu and Puri Jagannadh stand next to Rajamouli. Among these directors V.V.Vinayak and Boyapati Srinu share a common genre of family action entertainers. These directors films have a common point of emotions and huge action sequences. Currently, Vinayak completed the film “Akhil” with which Akkineni Akhil will be launched, whereas Boyapati is filming Allu Arjun for “Sarainodu.”

Then comes Srinu Vaitla. This director is very much known for his comedy entertainers. Though the story line may be the usual revenge one, comedy will be highlighted in his movies. Vaitla’s strengths- Comedy has now become his week point. Post “Dookudu” he didn’t receive much success at the box-office. After “Aagadu” he made “Bruce Lee” and announced that this shouldn’t be compared with any of other films as he changed his style and made this film, the result was the same. Srinu Vaitla’s films always have good space for comedy.

Word Smith’s Puri Jagannadh and Trivikram direct films in their genre. Though Puri and Trivikram have different styles of filmmaking, one common point about these directors is their dialogues. The audience who watch their films doesn’t bother with the hero, heroine or story. They simply watch their movies listen to the dialogues Puri and Tri Vikram wrote, these directors made such huge impact. Puri Jagannadh is currently directing Varun Tej for an untitled film, whereas Trivikram is making “A..Aa” starring Nithin and Samantha are lead pair. With these films releasing with less span audience are sure having a dialogue treat.

Sukumar and Koratala Siva. Sukumar films have a separate interest in the audience. His films won’t have huge commercial elements or punch dialogues or beauty shows. The hero in his film has a negative look but is a positive character. “Arya,” “Jagadam,” “1 Nenookadine” are good examples of his directorial vision. Koratala Siva though made only two films “Mirchi” and “Srimanthudu” gained a good impression of the audience. Sukumar is currently shooting for “Nannaku Prematho,” while Siva agreed to do a film with Jr.NTR.

That leaves with Krrish and Srikanth Addala. Krrish, from the begging, has opted for stories that are near to life. He focuses his stories mostly on the issues that are prevailing in the society. “Vedam,” “Gamyam” are films that judge his directorial vision. His recent film “Kanche” too earned a good review and once again proved this director’s strength is to focus on social issues. Srikanth Addala is another director who is known for his movies that are related closely to the Telugu nativity. “Kotha Bangaru Lokam” and “Seethama Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu” are close to the Telugu nativity and were received well. His upcoming film “Brahmotsawam” is also in the very same genre, and he is hoping that this too will turn out to become a hit show.

Apart from new directors, top directors are opting to make movies in the genre that they have a good grip over. It would be interesting if Rajamouli attempts a full-length comedy film, Srinu Vaitla doing a serious movie and Srikanth Addala doing a mass masala film.

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