Tollywood director arrested for forgery allegations

The Punjagutta police have arrested a noted Telugu film director on the charges of forgery allegations and selling the movie rights to his friend illegally. According to police, Mohanty Padmarao alias PK was associated with the Telugu film industry for the past 20 years.

Tollywood Director Arrested
Tollywood Director Arrested

He started a movie along with producer Jana Ramarao “Ammayilu Take Care” about a year ago, and the producer was planning to release the movie in the month of April after completion of remaining post-production works. On March 10th, PK has organized an audio function of the movie, by changing the movie name as “Vadu Veedu Kalpana” and also sold the movie rights illegally to his friend Pradeep Chowdary.

Ramarao complained to the Punjagutta police after learning PK’s cheating. Basing on his complaint, the police investigated and collected evidences and finally found that PK had forged Ramarao’s signature and sold the movie rights to his friend on profit sharing basis. The police arrested and remanded PK in judicial custody, and his friend Pradeep Chowdhary is absconding.

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