Tollywood Comedian Kallu Chidambaram Died

Popular Telugu Comedian Kallu Chidambaram has expired today. Chidambaram’s age is 70. Kallu Chidambaram’s original name is Kolluru Chidambaram.

Kallu Chidambaram dies at 70
Kallu Chidambaram dies at 70

Chidambaram was hospitalised in care hospital many days ago. Doctors declared that Chidambaram was suffering from suffocation problem and has left his last breath today.

Chidambaram was born on October 10th in 1945. He was renowned as a popular comedian in Telugu Cinema with his style of comedy timing. He debuted with the film “Kallu” meaning eyes. He received the state besting acting award “Nandi Award” for the film “Kallu.”

Ammoru, Govinda Govinda, Money are his popular films.

Before entering into Cinema, Chidambaram was a stage artist. He is known for his comedy with his crooked eyes and hence was named as “Kallu” Chidambaram. Chidambaram was in nearly 300 films.

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