Tollywood Cheesy Punch Dialogues

Fans of Telugu heroes want to watch them look grand on screen. One way for the directors to achieve it through kicky punch dialogues and pick up lines, let’s have a look at them!


1. Megastar Chiranjeevi

“Veera Shankar Reddy, mokke kada ani pikite, pika kosta!!”

(Veera Shankara Reddy, if you pluck that plant, i will cut your throat)

After Chiru left films to join politics, he left the top position in the industry vacant. He is considered the best Mass hero in Telugu movie industry. There are many famous dialogues of his movies but the popular one is this warning dialogue to the villain.



2. Yuvaratna Balakrishna

“Nenu Matlade appudu ne chevulu matrame vinale ledu anteneku next birthday undadu”

(When i talk your ears must listen otherwise you will not have a next birthday)

Balakrishna is considered god of masses. Fans and audience will be waiting to watch his action sequences and dialogues. The dialogue from Simha became popular among audience.


3. Junior NTR

“Aravaku!! ammathodu addanga narikesta”

(Dont shout! Will slice you in half!)

NTR is progressing to become a top hero. The dialogue from Aadi is still popular.

NTR in Aadi



4. Pawan Kalyan

“Naku Koncham Tikka undi daniki oka lekka undi”

(I have some has a calculation)

Pawan Kalyan is in the process of becoming Demi God for his fans. No one can forget this popular dialogue from Gabbar Singh.




5. Prabhas

“vadu pothe vidu , vidu pothe nenu, nenu pothe na amma mogudantu evarina adhikaram kosam”

(That man goes this man, this man goes that man, i will go and my mother’s husband..if anybody comes for power..”

Prabhas is turned out to a huge star with Chatrapathi. This line from Chatrapathi gave me that much needed mass appreciation as a Rebel Hero in Tollywood.



6. Ram Charan Tej

“Okkokkadu kaadu SherKhan..vanda mandini rammanu”

(Not one by one Sher Khan, ask hundred men to come”

This line from blockbuster film Magadheera remained irreplaceable in the hearts of the audience. Ram Charan’s well rendered dialogue will stay in that cheesy list for ever.

Magadheera Sher Khan dialogue


7. Mahesh Babu

“Evaru kodithey dhimma thirigi mind block avthundo..aade Pandu gaadu.”

(Who hits and mind jolts to get blocked, that is Pandu)

This dialogue from Puri Jagannadh’s cult, Pokiri, managed to create a niche image for Prince Mahesh in a tough role. After many soft roles in the previous films, Pokiri went on to become a game changer for Mahesh’s career.


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