Tollywood Bandh Today!

Tollywood shootings were called off today (December 9th).The reason for called off was the real fight between Tollywood fighters and Chennai fighters on Yesterday in the shooting spot of Ram’s upcoming film Kandirrega.

As per the sources Tollywood fighters have come on to the Kandireega sets in a drunken stage and had a fight with the Chennai fighters, who were working for the movie ‘Kandireega’. The Tollywood fighters union claims that the Chennai people are stealing their work and so moved down to the sets of Kandireega and fought with these Tamil fighters.

So finally the shooting cancelled and ended up a bit violently. When the matter went to notice of the film chamber they have announced a hold on shootings in Tollywood for today.

Film chamber president K.Ramasubba Reddy speaking to the media said, “Yes, there was a fight and we understand that some fighters from Chennai were also injured. The matter is serious. We hope there will be an amicable settlement.” He said.

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